Huge thanks to our amazing team, volunteers and local suppliers that are working so hard to keep the shop open so you can continue to get essentials and local produce.

We are settling into the new routine, Monday to Saturday (closed Sundays).

Tuesday – Saturday we are opening at 10:30am giving us time before we open the door to customers to process deliveries for the very vulnerable in our parish that can’t leave their homes.

**Please email for more information if you need help** Please note that this email has been updated.

We are opening our doors to shoppers, allowing one person in at a time so we can keep social distance taking further precautions with hand sanitizer and wiping baskets and surfaces too. We are requesting card payments where possible and will move away from accepting cash by the end of the week.

We are well stocked at the moment, with plenty of fresh fruit, veg and bread.

We have daily deliveries (Mon – Sat) of papers, milk, bread, cakes. Kings Meat deliveries Tues, Thurs and Fri this week, and Mon, Thurs and Fri from next week. We have had deliveries from Summershed Brewery and Tring Brewery; with some stock already on the shelves we are expecting further deliveries later this week from Heygates flour, Auberge du Chocolat, fresh fruit and veg, chilled produce including smoked salmon, puddings, cheese, dips – and biscuits to go with them.

We have Wigginton Bottom Honey on its way and also a Darvells bakery delivery due on Saturday morning.

We hope everyone is staying safe.